About Us

Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Japan Ikebana Art Association is a foundation which is consist of well-known Ikebana artists in Japan. It promotes the spread of Ikebana art through Ikebana exhibitions and workshops. 


The purposes of the association are, through cooperation of all the participating schools of Ikebana, to do business and activities in order to improve Ikebana culture, to educate, enlighten, and extend the Art of Ikebana throughout society, and consequently contribute to the growth of Japanese culture and society based on a rich sense of humanity.


November, 1966- The Incorporated Foundation of Japan Ikebana Art Association obtained approval for its establishment.

January, 2012- The association was accredited to change its business form into a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation.

May, 2017 – The 50th anniversary memorial exhibition was held.

Members – Ikebana Artists

250 schools of Ikebana

3,452 members